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Hi. I’m a grad student (doctorate, music), and I’m a geek (video game, computer). My qualifying exams are looming, and I’m freaking out accordingly. So what do I do? I start a blog!

Who am I? I grew up in the Midwest, and completed my BA at a small, private, liberal arts college. Then I moved to one of the coasts, where I completed my Master’s at a small performing arts school. Then I moved up the coast a bit to work on my doctorate.

What am I? I’m a composer. Yes, we exist. I did mainly instrumental music in the past, but now I’m into computer music. Instead of staff paper, I use a text editor (vim) and a LISP compiler with a few music-specific libraries. One reason for the shift is practicality: performers are hard to come by. I love the communion that happens between a composer and performers in instrumental music–that point at which you understand them, and they understand you in a deep and loving way–but opportunities to write for humans aren’t always there. And computers allow me to do things musically–like explore weird tunings–that I’d never ask a musician to do.

What will I write about? You can safely assume the Ivory Tower. There will also creep in things about the arts, and probably video games (a hobby and a research interest). And…there may be some surprises along the way.


~ by Jen on January 26, 2006.

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