What I learned this weekend:

  • The people who really matter will stand out in difficult times when the proverbial excrement hits the fan.
  • There are some things worth fighting for, as cheesy as it sounds.
  • As much as I whine, complain, and grouse about academia, it’s still a far cry better than the chance of not finishing.
  • I put entirely too much self-worth into a piece of paper that says “DMA.”
  • Sometimes it takes something big happening to make one realize what’s really important.


~ by Jen on April 24, 2006.

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  1. It’s hard sometimes to keep your head up in face of the struggle that comes with trying to finish the degree. But once it’s done, man…

  2. I think my most recent existential crisis is coming from the fact that a doctorate isn’t a guarantee of a job like it was before. Plus I’m seeing people with better CV’s than I deliver pizzas. I keep telling myself that it isn’t about a job, per se, but…knowing what you’re doing at the end of it all kind of makes a few worries less. If that makes any sense pre-coffee.

  3. It makes sense. For a long time the degree was seen as the “golden key” that unlocks the “ivory tower,” but with the increasing competition and corporatization of higher education come a shift of priorities and possibly an increasing sense of conservatism. Fields that have a more measurable output (i.e. quantitative research) are easier to quantify and value within the business model, while more creative and qualitative work is more difficult to account for. Not to mention, the latter kind of work is more open to scrutiny and political backlash, while with statistics it’s easier to hide behind. But that’s just my high-minded opinion…

  4. In my field, the doctorate is only a generation old, or so. My profs were the first to be able to get a Ph.D in the subject. (AFAIK, Princeton was the first institution to award a doctorate in it. And for a long time it was the only place you could get one.) So the MFA in it is sort of a terminal degree for a lot of individuals. So if I only wanted to go off and do my thing in composition, I don’t *really* need a doctorate. However, I WANT to teach college, and tenure is more of an option if you have the extra alphabet soup after your name.Lucky would keep reminding me that things work out for a reason. Trying to remind myself of it…

  5. great thoughtsand that bit of paper … mmm (drowning here)

  6. *waves* Hallo, Lorna!

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