Tomorrow I’m seeing Into Great Silence at the Seattle Film Festival. I’m sure I’ll post something about it. I’ve been looking forward to seeing this since I heard about it last December.

So for Paper Number Two, which I owe my chair, I was thinking of doing something about the Rule of St. Benedict and composition. (Wow, big shocker there, eh?) I wasn’t sure what my focus was, until I read an article by Susan McClary, “Terminal Prestige: The Case of Avant-Garde Music Composition.”

Initially, my response to the article was, “Who the f*** died and made you queen?” Closely followed on the heels of “How the hell would you know what it’s like to be a composer in the 21st century, anyway?”

So trying to educate and not berate (oh so very tempting), I’m trying to describe what led me to the vocation of a composer. I think one of the reasons why I’m attracted to so-called “difficult” music and the Rule of St. Benedict is because both expect us to move out of our comfort zone and grow. With easily-digestible things and a cushy life, there can’t be progress.

But I guess I’ve been brainwashed by elitism and the “serious” composer.


~ by Jen on June 6, 2006.

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