Odds and Ends

  • I need to start a game list like my Hoopy Frood does over at his blog. If you’re interested in gaming and one person’s quest through his list of 137 games, check him out. He knows where his towel’s at.
  • I did a bit of retail therapy and picked up “Indigo Prophecy.” (Europeans will know it as “Fahrenheight.”) Great game, feels a bit short. Although I just checked my played time, and I’ve got 5.5 hours into it. I haven’t unlocked everything, and I know there are some bits I glossed over. It’s by no means a game for chidren, but there’s very little graphic violence. The soundtrack is great, if a bit repetitive at times. Well worth the $20 so far.
  • Is it just me, or are there a lot of super-reactionary conservative Catholic blogs out there? (Probably better for my blood pressure and mental health if I stay away.)
  • I’ve been looking for a copy of the Monastic Diurnal, the version in Latin and English. It’s the day hours (minus Matins) of the Benedictine office. I’ve found one version in reprint through St. Michael’s Abbey Press, but it’s $65 without postage on a good dollar day. I found another copy here, and just looking at their stuff, they seemed on the up-and-up. Digging further, I found they’re associated with the SSPX and the Lefebvre crowd. Yay. Like I really want my money going to support them. Not. So here’s hoping interlibrary loan comes through…

~ by Jen on July 5, 2006.

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  1. I am slowly getting sucked into the game world. I’m not sure: Is SIMS an RPG?

  2. I think I’d call it more of a simulation game…

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