Some things aren’t very funny

I’d like to think I have a good sense of humor. It’s a rather warped and dark sense of humor, as well. But there are some things, which just aren’t funny.

A friend from blogging is in the armed forces stationed elsewhere, in a region of the world where it’s none too safe. Every once and awhile, he updates his blog, to let us know he’s OK and to rant about various and sundry things. Days and weeks go by without updates.

Then one came from someone claiming to be a buddy of his (who did have posting access and was mentioned before), claiming that he’d been injured. A few hours later the same person made a post that he’d been killed as a result of those injuries. Those who read his blog were stunned. This guy was one of those larger-than-life figures who just couldn’t be dead.

Then in the next day or so, people who knew him in real life were able to get in touch with him via phone and verify that he was alive and well. Someone with either a grudge or a very un-funny sense of humor decided to hack his blog and put that post up.

For every side in an armed conflict, there are ordinary people stuck in the crossfire. These people have friends and family who love them. If this were just a practical joke, or someone trying to be an asshole, then they got their jollies. But what if my friend’s family (or God forbid) his child had seen the post? There are better ways of making one’s political views known, that don’t involve hurting people who can’t do anything about it.The past 24 hours, I got a small taste of what the friends and family of people in life-threatening jobs go through every day of their lives. It’s a sick feeling, reading about a friend of yours killed, and one I hope not to repeat in the future, for the sake of my friend’s family.


~ by Jen on July 19, 2006.

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