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So the Hoopy Frood I’m marrying has a list of games he’s playing through over here. I think I need to start something similar, because I’ll find games used or on sale, and I’ll pick them up. I may start playing them, but I get busy with life and grad school, so they fall by the wayside. Again, I reserve the right to reorder at any time, and I’ll establish a beaten condition, like he does. So I give you…my list:

  1. “Indigo Prophecy” PS2 (almost done with this one, might as well put it first)
  2. “Resident Evil” (PSX)
  3. “Resident Evil: Director’s Cut” (PSX)
  4. “Fatal Frame” (PS2) Better play this one soonish, with the next few…want to do a paper on gender, violence, and survival horror games.
  5. “Clocktower 3” (PS2)
  6. “Silent Hill 4” (PS2) (Started the PC version and got fed up with the audio not synching in cutscenes. pissed me off and I gave the DVD to the Hoopy Frood.)
  7. “Katamari Darmacy” (PS2)
  8. FFX (PS2)
  9. FF9 (PSX)
  10. FF8 (PSX) Almost finished this one, was on the last disc, but I lost the save game.
  11. “Galerians” (PSX)
  12. GTA: Vice City (PS2)
  13. GTA: San Andreas (PC) might switch to the PS2 version, because the PC controls are so awkward, and I can’t reprogram my gamepad to allow for the two analog joysticks as buttons.
  14. “The Movies” (PC)
  15. “Morrowind” (PC) (although I don’t know if you can finish this one…)
  16. “Morrowind: Tribunal” (PC)
  17. “Morrowind: Bloodmoon” (PC)
  18. “Warlords: Battlecry III” (PC) (love love love this game)
  19. “Planescape: Torment” (PC) (If a video game can be art, this one’s it.)
  20. “.hack: Outbreak” (almost done with it, already played the first 2)
  21. “.hack: Quarantine”
  22. “Fatal Frame” (PSX)
  23. “FF Tactics” (PSX) (looooove this game, too.)
  24. “Dragon Warrior VII” (PSX) (got this one as a birthday present from the Hoopy Frood)
  25. “Call of Cthulhu” (PC) (need to upgrade my computer…bought it…and found that it won’t run with my CPU. Or hope they release a patch. Pretty pissed off about this one, too. May just give it to the Frood.)
  26. “Tactics: Ogre” (GBA) May not be able to finish, because the cartridge is going.
  27. “Advance Wars” (GBA)
  28. “FF Tactics Advance” (GBA)


~ by Jen on July 25, 2006.

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  1. Hmm… For PSP:Outrun Coast to Coast 2006LemmingsGrand Theft Auto: Liberty City StoriesFor GBA:Sims 2Tetris WorldsDr. Mario/Puzzle LeagueTokyo Extreme Racer AdvanceGrand Theft AutoElf Bowling 1 & 2I’ve no intention of beating any of them. I doubt I could!

  2. How’s GTA: Liberty City Stories? I saw they released a version for PS2.

  3. I’ll let you know when I get a chance to figure it out… 🙂

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