Odds and ends

First, a video I found linked off newmusicbox.org: How to write a fugue (described recursively) with a subject from a Brittney Spears song. I like recursion.

Second, thinking about pulling a Sr. Susan and doing a sorta-novena the 9 days before the semester starts. Not sure if I’m dumping it here or over on my LJ. Maybe part here, part elsewhere. I like this format for more “serious” things, even though I haven’t been overly serious lately.

Thanks to workstudy, I’m stuck in the area until September 26, with the next semester starting September 27. I’m burnt to a crusty little crisp, so I’ll probably check in with my advisor and take off somewhere for a week, as long as I’ve got the laptop set up to do music stuff. I’d love to go back to Our Lady of the Rock, but it’s hard for me to get to. Other suggestions are welcome. (I don’t drive.)

International viewers: if you wanted to see the BSG webisodes in the last post, you can find them on youtube. (Also good for those of us in linuxland.)


~ by Jen on September 8, 2006.

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