Day 1

I’m late starting, but better late than never.

Today is the day when new TA’s have their orientation, most faculty are around, and the new students are having their theory/history tests. After weeks of silence, it’s jumping around here, and the halls are less quiet. When normally my mornings are filled with quiet, catching up on my blogs, and sipping coffee, I’ve been jumping today with a thousand things.

It’s also the first of 3 Ember Days (Wednesday, Friday, Saturday), one of four weeks during the liturgical year (all roughly at quarters of the liturgical year) for prayer and fasting. The collect for lauds this morning was, ” Misericórdiæ tuæ remediis, quæsumus, Dómine, fragilitas nostra subsistat : ut, quæ sua conditióne atteritur, tua cleméntia reparétur.” Or: “We beseech You, O Lord, may the remedies of Your mercy sustain our weakness; and in pity renew our strength which by its nature is ever failing.” (Edited…removed my lousy translation I did without a dictionary and replaced it with the one out of the Monastic Diurnal reprint.)

I think it’s an appropriate commentary on what I’m after during these nine days.


~ by Jen on September 20, 2006.

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