I’m still alive. I haven’t had much to say, and haven’t felt like blogging lately, mostly having to do with the sheer nastiness that exists with respect to blogs with a religious slant. I’m flying back tomorrow, and wishing the Hoopy Frood could come with. But at 6’1″, he’s not fitting under the seat or in the overhead bin. So in lieu of actual content, here’s a few links:

KUOW program, “The Conversation” on panhandling downtown. I posted my thoughts on it over at Cascadia Catholics.

Here’s an article on J. Neville Ward, a Methodist minister who wrote a really interesting book on the rosary. It’s definitely kind of weird, but I like it. Right now, it’s probably my favorite book on the subject. .


~ by Jen on January 6, 2007.

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  1. Now that does look like an interesting book — I have a rosary — modified Anglican — that I made to help me focus…And I’m looking for “Death Note” on the internet….

  2. Hm…looks like that one’s been licensed. So you should be able to find it on DVD, although you might still find it floating around.

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