"Hand of God"

Apologies to those who saw my rant about this over on LJ, but the other night I watched the documentary “Hand of God” on PBS. The first hour was brilliant. The last 30 minutes was a Michael Moore-type screed on organized religion. Some have complained that the constant use of Catholic imagery was sacreligious, but that wasn’t the part that bothered me.

OK. My bias: I believe the fullness of truth is evident through the Catholic Church. I think it’s nifty that someone else finds Truth in their denomination, and we all get along, so long as someone doesn’t try to save me from what they think are the “evils” of the RCC. I kind of like the postmodernist notion of truth–it is reminiscent of the whole notion of revealed truths as found in some encyclicals, namely “Nostra aetate.” This having been said, the best way to get on my bad side is to try to convert me. I don’t go around trying to convert people to the RCC, and I expect others to respect it. I like discovering where we agree on some things–for instance in talking with Rev. Mommy, I discovered that the Methodist and Catholic take on the Eucharist isn’t as far off as I thought–but on others we have to agree to disagree. Life isn’t a zero sum game.

Anyway, I don’t appreciate it when I’m accused of hypocrisy, either from the religious right or the secular left. Any sympathy I had for the filmmaker and his family left after he started blaming the entire Catholic Church for the sex scandals. I don’t dispute that there are those–especially in his parents’ pre-Vatican II generation–who are complicit in the cover-up. Lord knows they have every right to be angry. God knows I’m angry at those who abused me–thankfully not sexually. But if I let myself be consumed by that anger like the filmmaker and his family were, then the abusers won.


~ by Jen on January 19, 2007.

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