evening odds and ends

Hey if you can’t spam your own blog, whose can you spam?

1.) Last post felt snarkier than I intended. If I didn’t, at some level, think my belief structure was true, then why stick with it? That’s the point I’m trying to make. If you believe in Ganesh, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or nothing at all, and are happy with it, then I’m happy. Odds are we’ll probably agree about something. Odds are we’ll probably disagree, as well.

2.) Podcast found by a friend of mine: Warcast for Catholics. It’s an anti-war, anti-death penalty podcast run by the Catholic Peace Fellowship. One of the most recent ones is an interview with Sr. Helen Prejean.

3.) A few years ago, I injured my back on a printer. Every once and awhile it tweaks on me, so I pop a muscle relaxant, and I’m back to normal. Unfortunately they mess with my sleep schedule something fierce, and I wind up watching bad nighttime TV, because I can’t sleep. I found this show with Geraldo (holy 1980’s, Batman!), which was a lame excuse for journalism. He was discussing the Shawn Hornbeck kidnapping, and made the comment insinuating that the kid could’ve escaped.

OK, there’s some hinky things with it. The parents need a thwap upside the head for putting him on Oprah. But to insinuate that a kid who’s been abused is just having all sorts of fun and games is lower than putting your kid on TV after some trauma. I don’t think people understand the kind of power abusers have over people. For instance in the last post, I’m still shaking after making the statement I did. I keep thinking that “they’re” reading my blog–even though the sitemeter says otherwise–and that “they’ll” punish me–nevermind that I’m 32 and living on my own–for saying what I did.

Let’s unpack this, a bit. I’m an adult, living on my own, a fair distance away from “them,” and I still fear them. There is nothing they can do to me. Logically, I know this. But that fear doesn’t magically go away, and neither do the memories. They have no power over me, but the fear is still there. That’s how abusers keep power–fear and doubt. You doubt that your memories are the correct ones, because they do what they do out of “love.” If you met my parents, you’d think they were charming people. That very doubt–that such people couldn’t possibly mistreat their children–is how they keep power.

4.) So I’m not ending on a downer: Silly Airport Security Flash Game. (Doesn’t work under linux.) So go confiscate pressurized cheese, Virgin Mary statues, snakes, pudding, and cow skulls.

5.) Edited to add: Some cool stuff on sale here. Like books you’ll probably never find elsewhere. Music people–need a Liber Usualis? They’re selling some. I spent my Christmas/birthday money and got a copy of the Breviarium Monasticum. More on that later…


~ by Jen on January 20, 2007.

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