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1.) I know it seems weird that I’d be critical of the “traditional” Catholics, yet prefer the old Benedictine Divine Office. For me, it’s a personal devotion. Were I under a canonical obligation to it, I’d gladly use the ICEL version. I did for a couple of years, anyway. Secondly, if you hear of a Catholic who likes some things in Latin, the expectation is that they’re one of “them.” In reality, Latin is still the official language, and I think it needs reclaiming from the groups who’re in open schism. It’s every bit as much my heritage as theirs.

2.) Something more important: Word on the street is that Doctor Who is coming back for its 29th season in March. (I pretend that the TV movie done in ’96 didn’t exist.)

3.) Interesting post over at Sr. Susan’s blog about Last Supper art, including an interesting fact about Andy Warhol. Apparently he was Catholic, and a devout one, at that. (The fact surprised me, like I was surprised to hear that Kevin Smith is a practicing Catholic, as well.) It’s kind of encouraging to hear of people who practice the faith, and work it into their work. (Although I don’t know if I’d call Kevin Smith’s films art, no matter how much I laughed at “Clerks” and “Dogma.”) That’s what I’m trying to get at in my dissertation: a Catholic work, but one that doesn’t rely upon pure externals. I know. Baby steps.


~ by Jen on February 8, 2007.

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  1. I think there’s nothing strange about preferring the Latin version, even if you are critical of the way “traditionalists” approach the question. If you have the ability to read Latin, it makes sense that you want to relate to the hundreds of years of tradition that is found in the old text. I completely agree with you about the need to reclaim Latin.

  2. Hallo fellow doctoral candidate! I started out with the day hours in Latin as a way to stave off the summertime blues that academics seem prone to. It caught on, and I prefer the Benedictine office to the ICEL one. (Although the ICEL one is easier for people with busy lives to get through.) I guess I’m more reacting to the early twentysomethings who grasp onto what they think is tradition, but in reality is a stereotype of what they think it is. A friend said that we’re part of tradition as a living sacrament, and that’s what I’m trying to get at. Don’t always succeed, though.

  3. Do you have the full office? Isn’t that something like four big volumes?A friend of mine commutes to work and downloads the office onto his palm pilot. He prays it silently on the subway.

  4. They are in four volumes, but they’re smaller than the ICEL version. I should digitize the little hours, but most of my commute is walking. Interestingly they’re split by season, not by liturgical season. I should scan the books, anyway, since they’re so hard to find. God only knows if they’ll ever be reprinted. The modern Benedictine Prayer book is based upon it, but it’s also substantially different.

  5. OK then, your’re religious and not just spiritual…What’s the difference?

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