An update of the dissertation meter (in seconds):

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meterZokutou word meter
705 / 4,500

I keep going back and forth about whether or not I should talk about the metaphor behind the piece–the mysteries of the rosary. On the one hand, (from gender theory) there are some things that need to be reclaimed–Latin, the rosary, etc. On the other hand, I’m going to get blamed for everything bad that’s happened in the past 2000 years, by virtue of being a member of that group. (Never mind that ad hominem is always a logical fallacy.) I guess if a hiring committee ascribes political beliefs to me that I don’t personally hold it’s not my problem (and illegal.) I know I can’t get away with making some sort of political statement with this piece, so it might as well be the one I intend.

I really wish more than just the uptown/downtown crowd blogged on music. I’m getting weary of reading their glorified pissing contests. The 1970’s are over, people. If you have a Ph.D,it doesn’t mean you write good music. If you don’t have a Ph.D, it doesn’t mean you write good music. I think the one thing we can say with any certainty is that a person will (at some point in his/her life) write good music. He/She will also write really lousy music.

Another reason why I probably should discuss the ideology in my dissertation piece (pieces, really) is because those with any kind of metaphysics aren’t getting much exposure. I get so tired reading blogs like new music box, and have everything be about the surface, making money, and whether or not pop music should be used in classical/new/postmodernist/whatever music. If this world and ontology is all there is, it would be a pretty depressing place to live.

I think that’s why I like the music theory as model of musical experience people (Boretz, Randall, Barkin, Rahn, et al.) When you deal with theory as a model of experience, there are multiple possible takes on a given piece. It also lets the music exist as it is, in all its power. Plus pissing contests, like what exist on some new music blogs, aren’t as important. We’re all seeing a small piece of something complex (and ultimately beyond us). Diversity of opinion can’t be a bad thing, in that case.


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  1. I’m very unfamiliar with the academic composer scene, but I know the academic poetry scene, so I understand the whole pissing contest thing…I’m lucky that in my field (medieval history) the whole religious thing doesn’t seem to be a big issue, as long as you don’t approach your work as apologetics. By the way, what does the dissertation meter represent?

  2. The dissertation meter’s in seconds. It shows how much I’ve written, and how much (projected) I have to go. I’m assuming 300 seconds (5 minutes) per piece, and the entire thing’s made up of 15 pieces.

  3. And it’s based on the rosary? Is it instrumental or are the vocal parts as well?

  4. Neither! I’m using csound and some software (really a library of lisp functions) my chair wrote. It’s all computer-generated sound.

  5. Wow– interesting. Is it tonal, or is more like a soundscape?

  6. Neither. 🙂 Let me get some more finished. I’ll probably put a link up.

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