An inner dialogue

An inner dialogue…
A day in the life of an ABD grad student.

Dramatis personae:

Me: Your brave blogger

Myself: Another facet of Yours Truly.

Setting: Before an LCD monitor, enlightenment desktop shell, linux OS. There is a lisp compiler open and an empty text editor (vim, of course.)

Me: OK, self! Time to get busy! Tuesdays and Thursdays are your dissertation-writing days!

Myself: Aw…do we have to? There’s a new Pendragon patch you could be testing!

Me: now, now. Work now, play later.

Myself: But…the sun…there’s sun in Seattle. And puffy clouds. And warm weather. You don’t want to waste the nice weather, do you?

Me: Work now, play later. If you’re good, you can go get a bubble tea after you get some work done.

Myself: But…But you just finished a piece! And you got back from the conference–

Me: –A week ago!

Myself: Could have residual jetlag.

Me: …

Myself: Hey, look! Your lisp implementation needs a license upgrade! That’ll take awhile.

Me: More like five seconds with broadband.

Myself: But, wait! If you’re stuck inside, you could knit, instead! You knit while you wait for things to compile, correct?

Me: Of course. Not much else to do.

Myself: Well, then. Why don’t you knit now?

[the sound of realplayer and EWTN starts up]


Me: Are you going to get busy, or do I have to keep this on longer?

Myself: NOOOOOO IT BURNS US!!! Oh wait. Hey this is kind of interesting…

Me: Don’t make me put on “The 700 Club.”


Me: Are you going to actually work, or do I have to keep Pat Robertson on?

Myself: So. Percussion sounds for this one?


~ by Jen on April 19, 2007.

6 Responses to “An inner dialogue”

  1. I LOVE the “Oh wait, this is kinda interesting” — heck, a couple weeks ago I got sucked into some whole late-night pseudo-medical infomercial because I was intrigued by surfing past a suit&tie guy discussing the fact that we all have “22 feet of compacted fecal matter” within us.Gotta love it when procrastination drags us semi-willingly into nightmare-inducing scariness. I hope, for your sake, that RealPlayer shut off quickly. 🙂

  2. Wow…I wouldn’t have been able to resist that one, either!

  3. I know this oh too well…

  4. Oh you do the same thing, too? 🙂

  5. As a heathen Mennonite, I’m constantly fascinated by the televised rosary on EWTN.”HOLY-MARY-MOTH’R’V-GOD-PRAY-FOR-US-SINNERS-NOWUNTILTHEHOUROFOURDEATHAMEN!”I confess I have wiled away many a pointless minute staring slack-jawed at the screen while that’s been on the tube when I should’ve been doing something more productive.

  6. Only EWTN could make the Mass and the Rosary as interesting as drying paint, yet captivating…

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