One before bed…

So I was sitting here, worrying about next year (I may not have financial aid because the financial aid department here likes to “lose” my Master’s, among other problems I’ve been having with them), worrying about finding a job once I’m done with this degree, worrying about whether or not I’ll be able to finish, and a host of other worries.

I don’t know why, since I generally like my evenings quiet, but I put on an internet contemporary classical radio station. The piece that was playing was a recording of a piece a former composition teacher had conducted, Louis Andriessen’s De Staat.

Now I’m sure you can ascribe this to coincidence. The guy conducted just about every contemporary classical composer out there, especially the avant-garde. He’d also conducted just about every work Andriessen had written, when Lucky was still conducting. Plus the station is based out of San Francisco, and Lucky had been music director/conductor for a chamber group in the area for years.

But…that doesn’t describe the feeling I got when I heard the piece and realized instantly whose recording it was. It’s got to be similar to the feeling one gets, when a rose appears after the novena to St. Therese. All I know for certain is I’m feeling oddly hopeful for next year.


~ by Jen on April 25, 2007.

2 Responses to “One before bed…”

  1. That’s really lovely. In fact, I’m gone all misty around the eyes.

  2. Yah. I had a good cry about it, too.

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