I inherited a digital camera, so I’m madly running around taking pictures of things. My oldest niece has been sending me pictures, so I’m returning the favor. I just hope an academic gamer-geek’s life isn’t too boring for her. I’m hoping the people upstairs left the door open to their patio, so I can go get a picture of the Space Needle from Chez Jen.

But I’ve taken a bunch of pictures of some of my knit finished objects. The whole gallery is here. Here’s my first bit of fandom knitting. They’re Rose’s wrist warmers from the “Doomsday” episode of Doctor Who:

The pattern for them is here. Have I mentioned how easy it is to get a camera working under linux? Edit /etc/fstab, mount it, and you’re good to go. USB Mass Storage Devices, I love you.


~ by Jen on July 27, 2007.

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  1. Hi – nice blog template 🙂 I have a digital camera too – it is fun, and pretty easy to use with the computer.

  2. Thanks! Last time I tried to get any kind of USB device working under linux was my gamepad. Finding the right driver was a chore, and my kernel doesn’t always like to load the module when it needs it. Then again a gamepad is a bit more complex than a camera or an ipod, which is really just one big hard drive.

  3. Oh, you have linux …. I know nothing about computers really. I have an older eMac so I don’t face the same connection challenges.

  4. Linux and windows, yup. Linux isn’t hard. you just have to know a bunch of stuff to do most things, although some distros make it easy for people to do things without knowing the hows and whys.

  5. easy with a mac too.Just had to say it.Chaos wants a tablet. I do too…. Goody! another toy!btw, fandom knitting is really geeky. I like it.=o)

  6. 😛 I’m working on Francine’s cardigan from this current series of Doctor Who. Please tell me you saw Gridlock two weeks ago…if not, find it online, because it’s easily one of the best episodes of the season.

  7. Garpu, I read in an earlier post that your field has to do with computers and nusic – could you elaborate?

  8. Sure. I’m getting my doctorate in music composition. I mostly do computer music these days–it’s music generated by computer. I’ve done instrumental music in the past, but it’s hard to find performers interested in giving good performances, and this way I can explore certain things that would be very difficult using humans–like with wacky tuning systems and with more complex canons. I use csound for generating sound and I use LISP to program it. Csound is about 25 years old and as fun as a root canal to program directly, so most people who use it these days use some sort of IDE or other language to generate csound code. (So I’m programming straight-up LISP, not csound.) The LISP package I use was written by my chair.

  9. Wow – I’m left in the computing dust 🙂 I looked up stuff in Wikipedia and it sounds very intersting – listened to a few minutes of Leif Inge’s 9 Beet Stretch. Thanks.

  10. Paul Lansky’s another one who’s good to check out, if you want to know more about computer music. His pieces “Table’s Clear” and “Night Traffic” are great. If you’ve heard the Radiohead song “Idioteque,” you’ve already heard some of his music. (They sampled him with permission.)

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