Yippie! New computer parts are on their way. I’m actually moving into the 21st century. One of the problems with linux is that it’ll literally run on anything. This is good, because you can use older hardware. This is also bad when your dissertation is computer-intensive, and your progress is bottlenecked by an ancient CPU. You don’t want to replace your computer, because, by God, it still runs linux.

I’m saving a ton of money, since I buy parts. (Still need a new video card, since mine is AGP, and the new motherboard is PCI-E.) This is a tool, not a toy. Or so I keep telling myself. I hate making big purchases, even when I know they’re necessary.

No Vista. I’ve seen vista, and it’s a steaming heap. I’ll stick with XP for as long as I possibly can, I think. (I dual boot.) I’m open for suggestions as to what to call the new computer. I had a gamelan naming scheme going on for awhile. Not stuck on it.


~ by Jen on August 2, 2007.

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