I think I’ve got most things back in place. I imported my bookmarks from my old windows computer, so if I haven’t stopped by your blog for a bit, give me a ping. I probably lost the link somewhere. I still need to recover about 40-60GB worth of crap from my old drive, but I want to get some sort of external hard drive enclosure. I’m intending to use the old IDE drive as my mp3 library.

It used to take an hour to compile a minute’s worth of music with csound on my old computer. New one? About five minutes if I’m doing something with lots of voices or a complicated texture. I don’t think csound 5 is optimized for dual core processors yet, but it’s nice that I can do other things while it crunches. Friday night I was watching “Austin Powers” while compiling csound, just because I could. (My old computer would come crashing to a halt if I did that, since both activities are so CPU-intensive.)

Yesterday I tested my computer for burn in by playing “Lord of the Rings Online.” It’s pretty nifty. I’m on Landroval, where a lot of the people I used to play “Dark Age of Camelot” are.


~ by Jen on August 12, 2007.

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  1. So your computer has two brains? My mom had a pc like that. My computer allows me to either use os x or what it calls the “classic” os, which is older … my one game is so old, it will only play in classic. It takes me a long time to download music and I can’t do anything else whhile I’m waiting, I think because I have a dial-up conection .. very frustrating. Wish I understood more about computers.

  2. Sorta has two brains, yeah. 🙂 A CPU is a hunk of ceramic with a core (a very thin wafer of circuitry) embedded into it. Mine’s got two. There are quad core CPU’s out there, or coming out, but they’re going to be really expensive for awhile. I finally got (slow) DSL a year ago…so glad I did, since I’m on a computer all the time.

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