So a few weeks back when I knew my desktop was needing last rites, I broke my coffee mug. Said coffee mug was perched precariously somewhere where it shouldn’t have been perched. I wasn’t overly attached to the old coffee mug. It was a shade of blue I wasn’t fond of. The lip was curled inwards, making it difficult to drink from without spilling. Its redeeming feature was that it held about three cups of liquid.

Today I schlepped to a St. Vincent de Paul store to replace it. Thrift stores are weird and slightly sad places. So many well-loved and used things are there, and you can’t help but wonder the stories behind them.

I found one mug to replace my old one that would do quite well. But then I happened upon this one. At first it struck me as hideous. It’s an uneven yellowish-green glaze with some sort of flower-cum-blueberry motif going on. Trust me. It photographs prettier than it really is.

I couldn’t put this mug down, though. It was well worth the 40 cents it cost (since today was 50% off day, I got both mugs for the price of one.) For the price, it was a good investment. It’ll hold half a hotpot (about 22-25 oz of beverage.) It holds the heat pretty well. (Better than my old coffee mug.)

I wonder what its story is. There weren’t any other dishes there like it. It’s mass-produced from China, but aside from that, who owned it? Was it some grandmother, who had her tea or coffee in it? A college student, who moved? Maybe it was a white elephant, and its recipient didn’t know what to make of a one-of mottled green mug of vague flower pattern. Did its original owner just tire of it? Did its old owner die? Probably not…the “made in China” sticker is still firmly attached. It probably wasn’t even used. Which, in a strange way, makes this mug that more appealing. Someone somewhere disliked it enough to not even use it, a sad tale, if it were a gift.

It does well with tea, although my loose tea diffuser is a bit too short for it. We’ll see about coffee tomorrow.


~ by Jen on August 19, 2007.

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  1. My mug is one sent by the Kava coffee company for buy a case of it – not as pretty as yours.I listened to the music file you sent. Very interesting! Are all of the sounds synthesized – none are from real instruments? The beginning reminded me of the pray-as-you-go podcasts, which seem to often start with a ringing of chimes. Anyway, it made pictures in my head 🙂

  2. Well, yeah… It ain’t too pretty, I’ll grant you that. :-)I have this old brown mug with a chip on the rim that gets way too hot to touch if you put it in the microwave, but I still like to drink my coffee out of it, even though we have all of these nice Bennington Pottery pieces. Funny how we get used to certain things. That morning cuppa has to be just right, and habe the right feel to it. In addition to wondering who owned your mug (maybe it was so ugly, it was re-gifted to SVDP’s), I wonder who made it? An adult? A child? Someone in a factory way out in western China? Do they own any mugs like these of their own, etc…?

  3. Crystal: it’s granular synthesis from various samples of instruments.Jeff: Naw. I’m sure whoever made it would have better taste than to buy something like this. 😉

  4. My coffee cup actually says “Manilow Live 2000!” on it. I got it in a dollar shop for, well, a dollar. Apart from the homage to the guy who writes the songs that make the young girls cry (who I am not a fan of), there is a nice design on it and I like the texture.

  5. As ugly as this mug is, I have to admit it holds hot liquids well. I don’t have to get up every 15 minutes for a new cup, and it cools it off just right.

  6. Actually, I kinda like it.

  7. It does grow on you.

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