St. Gabriel, patron of twisted pairs, fix my DSL…

So for almost two years, I haven’t had to so much as reboot my DSL modem. I realize I’m lucky in this respect. I piggyback my DSL on my existing phone service through another provider, and the relationship has been great. I will admit that I would recommend speakeasy, even though I’m currently having problems.

They’re shipping a new modem, so hopefully that will fix things. If that doesn’t work, they’ll ratchet up the pressure on my phone company. I’m tempted to dump my phone, get a prepaid cell, and just go bare DSL. It’s not much more than what I’d be paying, if I upgraded my existing service. Any recommendations as to cell phone providers? I should probably get one, anyway, with as much travel as I do. I’m looking at prepaid plans, since I hardly use a phone.

You know, St. Gabriel the Archangel is the patron saint of telecommunications. I’m beginning to think he’d be faster than my ISP goading my telco into fixing the damn line. Maybe it’s just coincidence, but I found a silly little novena to him. My DSL hasn’t dropped yet…


~ by Jen on September 10, 2007.

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  1. Hi Garpu!Just dropped by for the first time a couple of days ago. I really like the space you’ve created here.I can imagine how frustrated you are with internet trouble. It’s funny how, for myself at least, 15 years ago I figured I would never really need internet access, then certainly wouldn’t need anything more than a simple dial-up connection when we finally did get an old comp that could actually use the net. Now I can’t dream of not having high-speed access on any computer I need to use. It would drive me nuts to have to go without it! ;o)Hope the new modem gets to you soon!

  2. THanks! Modem came, and it’s better than it was, but the problem exists at the line vendor’s when they add in voice to my DSL line. (Or DSL to my voice line.) So I’m considering dumping my landline, going with bare DSL, and getting a prepaid cell.

  3. Never used a DSL line…broadband cable is the way I go. We have phone/digital cable/internet service through a single local provider that has yet to have troubles. When our local phone company (Government owned here in Sask) first entered into the DSL/Cable/Voice combined market I had some family and friends who had trouble with dropped calls, cable outages etc but they seem to have gotten it under control in the past couple of years.I do know that a lot of people only use a cell now as their main number and my son seems to be a fan of that too. I guess I’m still of an age where a concrete land-line fosters some sense of communications security. ;o)

  4. Hm. Here it seems like cable companies are out to make money, and there seems to be little regulation. (They’re thinly-veiled monopolies.) I know cable broadband would be a lot more expensive for me because I’m not interested in TV. Plus they like to do things like restrict bandwith and block sites. (A friend of mine on another cable company can’t access gmail, for instance.)

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