Radio Fork: "Hurt"

I’m being Posty McPost Pants today, but this is also a poll on my LJ, so ignore, if you’ve seen it twice.

Johnny Cash vs. NIN on “Hurt.” Who’s better? I can’t decide because they’re both very different songs.


~ by Jen on October 23, 2007.

4 Responses to “Radio Fork: "Hurt"”

  1. Johnny.

  2. Seems to be the consensus on my LJ, as well, with “both” in second place.

  3. I’ve got to go with Cash here too. Nice piece of work by him. I’m not a Country Music fan, but there was something about the older, frailer Johnny Cash that I liked.

  4. I’ll tolerate older country, folk, and bluegrass. I think Cash’s song is poignant in the sense that it’s personal, while Reznor’s is moving in the sense that it’s impersonal.

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