Huh. I’m only 2105 words short of where I should be. That’s totally doable, if I get a good streak. Wait, scratch that. I could easily write (+ 2105 1667) words in a day if I were writing an academic paper. (Why, yes, I mostly do LISP, thanks for asking.) Having to tell a good story? I may have to go back into academic-mode and bust out some footnotes and citations. I still need the name of a (fake) psychedellic drug that reacts badly with alien biochemistry. Stumped on that one, and I can’t keep calling it $drug. (I know enough perl to be useful.) I’m finding I have the most horrible luck coming up with names.

No, this probably won’t ever see the light of day. Perhaps I might show it to people, provided that they buy me several beers and sign an NDA.


~ by Jen on November 24, 2007.

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