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For those of you on facebook, you may want to read this about beacon, what it does, why it’s bad, and how to block it. If you haven’t inherited the skepticism I have from my computer security partner-in-crime, then disregard.

So the number eight is popping up a lot lately on various blogs, and I got tagged for a meme. Don’t normally do them on this blog, but I haven’t had much to discuss lately. (That should change in the future…been reading books about the Camaldolese Benedictines.)

8 passions in my life:

1.) composing music
2.) Benedictine monasticism
3.) Doctor Who
4.) Computers
5.) mahjong (Japanese rules)
6.) video games
7.) Balinese music
8.) knitting

8 things to do before I die:

1.) the Camino de Santiago
2.) study music in Bali
3.) See Doctor Who being filmed in Cardiff
4.) Travel.
5.) See Firefly/Serenity
6.) learn to rollerblade
7.) quit renting
8.) beta test a video game that doesn’t totally suck.

8 things I often say:

1.) Huh.
2.) Some variant of “frak.”
3.) “reverse the polarity of the neutron flow.” (I’ve used this on a support call.)
4.) A stream of profanity at NPR when it wakes me up in the morning, both because it’s waking me up and because of the content.
5.) “Hihi.” (default greeting, both online and in my analog mode.)
6.) “What the heck?” (Or if I’ve been talking to Minnesotan relatives, “What’s the deal?”)
7.) WTF, LOL, squee, OTM, AFK bio (in analog mode) For instance, the Frood will say something funny, and I’ll respond “El Oh El.” Or if I’m going somewhere, I’ll say, “OTM. Back in a bit” (OTM: MMO speak for “on the move,” meaning a slow moving raid is moving.)
8.) “Hey cool.”

8 books I read (or am reading) recently:

1.) Film and the nuclear age : representing cultural anxiety / Toni A. Perrine
2.) The imaginary war : civil defense and American cold war culture / Guy Oakes (Guess what I’m writing a paper on)
3.) the Dark Materials trilogy (which I like.)
4.) Forever Autumn, Mark Morris (OK. Total brain candy, but after some of the stuff I read, it’s a good break.)
5.) And the Band Played On: Politics, People, and the AIDS Epidemic, Randy Shilts
6.) Privilege of Love: Camaldolese Benedictine Spirituality,
Peter-Damian Belisle
7.) Rationalizing Culture, Georgina Born (pretty interesting…an anthropologist looks at the power structures at IRCAM)
8.) Just Plain Folks, Loraine Johnson-Coleman

8 films that mean something to me:

1.) “Fargo,” watched it with a close friend of mine, who described it as a modern morality play
2.) “Blue,” crappy ending, but it’s an interesting study of what it’s like to be a composer (how ideas come to you, etc, not that I’m a ghost writer for my husband.)
3.) “Jackie Brown,” movie I saw my first day at CalArts.
4.) “Shaft,” (remake, first movie seen with the Hoopy Frood)
5.) “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back,” the Frood and I saw that movie the day after 9/11. We just had to get the holy hell away from CNN for awhile.
6.) “American Movie,” was a preview at CalArts, and the filmmakers in the film were actually there. I thought the whole thing was a mocumentary, until I actually met the makers of “Coven.” Holy crap, that’s the way they are.

8 songs that mean something to me:

1.) “So Many Roads,” Grateful Dead
2.) Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring.
3.) Gorecki’s third symphony, first movement
4.) “Bakersfield Bound,”Chris Hillman and the other Desert Rose people. Really speaks to how my life was the summer between my first and second years at CalArts. I was stuck in a part of the country I hated, and I really was “…Bakersfield bound like so many gone before / Just to cross our River Jordan and reach the other shore / When we first set eyes on The San Joaquin / Was like a friend we always knew.”
5.) Coltrane, Love Supreme (OK, it’s an album)
6.) Miles Davis, Aura (Ditto, but I can’t pick just one song.)
7.) Ellington, Queen Suite (you want to learn orchestration, check that suite out. Instrumental color deliminating form doesn’t get much clearer.)
8.) Teruna Jaya (Balinese gong kebyar piece)

8 living people I’d like to have a beer with:

1.) Jonathan Harvey (composer)
2.) Russel T. Davies (heh of course)
3.) Anne Sophie-Mutter
4.) The regulars on here.
Hrm…can’t think of any more. If I can, I’ll update.

8 people who I’m passing this on to:

Eh, tag yourselves.


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