So in the words of my Minnesotan relatives, we’re gettin’ a little bit of snow, dere. I’m in Boston. Flight was drama-free, and I had a seat to myself both ways. Go figure. I love some of the euphemisms they have for snow. “Flurries,” is anything under 6 inches. “A little snow” means that it’s over 6 inches, visibility might be down, but the plows are out and you can still move. “Some snow” is decreased mobility from there. “Heckuva lot of snow” means that you had to get the snowblower out and probably aren’t driving anywhere. “Blizzard” means that you stay put, complete white out, and probably can’t see the driveway from your house, and will have to get the neighbor to plow your driveway out.

Think I’m finally acclimating back to colder weather. Seems like the first Christmas break I spent in Boston, I did nothing but freeze. Then again it’s actually been slightly colder in Seattle lately than Boston. (It’s a dryer cold out here, too, so it doesn’t feel as miserable as Seattle when it’s under 30 degrees.) I think this is the remains of the Ragnarok ’07 we had a few days ago that left western Washington looking like the 9th Ward.

And in other news…I finally broke down and bought a real laptop bag. My backpack ripped the night before I was supposed to leave town, so I got this one. (Was the cheapest one at the store I could get to.) Even though I paid $65 for it, it was worth every damn penny going through two airports. (Already paid for it, I think.) It’s balanced, it doesn’t throw your center of gravity off, and I’m pretty sure it’s bigger on the inside than the outside. Plus it has a pocket for everything, including one that fits my breviary perfectly. That side entry panel for the laptop is the coolest thing since sliced bread, too, especially if you have to pull it out at security checkpoints. One review of it was complaining that the panel was too small, but he thought the inside pocket was the laptop sleeve. (That’s for cords, mouse, etc, or so it says in the manual that came with the backpack.) RTFM saves the day!


~ by Jen on December 13, 2007.

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