So what does everyone have planned? Christmas is kind of a bummer for me, so I need a contact high from everyone else’s cheer.

Us, not much. We’ve got Christmas with the Hoopy Frood’s dad and stepmom today, so we’re all piling over there for holidays with the first set of inlaws. (Inlaws-to-be? Hell, we’re as good as married, so I guess they’re as good as inlaws. And thanks to divorce, I have two sets of inlaws.)

Then tomorrow is our birthday (Yes, the Hoopy Frood and I have the same birthday, which happens to be Christmas Eve.) Normally we do sushi (sushi restaurants are empty on Christmas Eve) and some sort of movie, but there haven’t been many movies the past couple of years that we’ve wanted to see. Christmas Eve birthdays kind of suck because before the Frood I didn’t really get one once I turned twelve or so. (I did as a child. But then as I got older, it was thought that I’d “understand,” and the two days got combined out of convenience.)

Christmas we don’t have anything planned other than going over to the Hoopy Frood’s mom and stepdad’s. Normally we hang out, munch on stuff, then play games. I’m kicking myself for not bringing my mahjong tiles, but Japanese rules mahjong is completely different from American mahjong, and it’s not really something you can teach in an afternoon. (Plus the Frood and I aren’t good enough at it to teach other people yet, although there are some easy truths: don’t deal into an open riichi, which is along the lines of don’t pee on an electric fence, since you can see their tiles.)

Anyhow, have a merry Christmas!


~ by Jen on December 23, 2007.

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