So I’m totally lusting after an ice blue Nintendo DS lite. Because they aren’t region locked in any way, they’re fully compatible with any other DS game. (Steve and I both have Wifi Yakuman DS, a Japanese mahjong game–he got it for birthday/Christmas.) I can’t really justify the extra $30-50 plus shipping for it, though. I was considering getting the case and modding a refurb (no way would I want to do that to a new DS lite), and I found this video describing how to take apart a Nintendo DS Lite:

No, the Hoopy Frood won’t let me practice on his. Although since the ice blue cases go for $20 on Ebay and the refurbed DS system is about $100, I’m not so sure I’d save much money. Completely dreaming, here, since I can’t justify spending money on a DS lite, when my old DS works perfectly well. (Although it’s touchy, the battery doesn’t last long anymore, and it’s a crapshoot if the wifi works. But the brightness control on the LCD screens on a DS lite would be nice, since I mostly use the DS during the day in sunlight on public transit.)

But, yeah, I’ve totally called dibs on the Frood’s DS Lite when it finally gives up the ghost.


~ by Jen on December 27, 2007.

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