Couple of good articles…Crystal found this one about Opus Dei. Wow, remind me not to drink their kool-aid. Of course after dyeing yarn with kool-aid, there’s no way I’m drinking the stuff anyway. The Allen book is a bit better, the more I get into it, but it’s still awfully apologetic.

Here’s an article about a documentary on Delia Derbyshire, which I hope is at the SIFF this year. She was a composer/engineer who worked for the BBC Radiophonic workshop back in the 1960’s, and (with Ron Grainer) wrote/created the Doctor Who theme. She also did a lot of the music for it, AFAIK. Sadly during her life, she didn’t get much credit. If you can find the BBC documentary “Alchemists of Sound,” there’s a few clips of her. (It’s on google video here.)

ETA: there’s a downloadable link to “Alchemists of Sound” here. If you’re the least bit curious about what I do, that’s the basics. (Things are a bit different now, because I’m digitally manipulating sounds, not physically manipulating tape.)


~ by Jen on January 4, 2008.

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