I used to make rosaries. I haven’t in awhile because I just didn’t have the time, and because a lot of the rosary making groups on the web are either the not-so-nice kind of traditionalist, or they’re just into making profits. I still pay my dues to Our Lady’s Rosary Makers, but I just haven’t had the heart to get back into it. (You can see some of the ones I’ve made here. I think it’s public.)

I started making rosaries back when I had walking pneumonia one summer, and was feeling better, but not well enough to do much. Boredom set in, and I sent off for a beginner’s kit. Then I started looking around for communities online, and I found the Rosary Army.

OK, the clue that they use the term “army” in their name should’ve clued me in. But they’re really the Something Awful of the rosary-making world on their forums, without the comedy of Something Awful. If you don’t like EWTN, don’t dote on the Theology of the Body, and don’t snark on other denominations and religions, you aren’t a good Catholic.

So if you have someone (me), who joined their forums for the social aspect (I don’t like cord rosaries, and I think wire ones that don’t use premade chain are every bit as strong), who readily identifies as a feminist (I believe women have choices about their lives), is getting an advanced graduate degree (when most of the forum derides academe as liberal claptrap), thinks the notion of “culture wars” is fundamentalist bullcrap, and can’t stand EWTN, there will be sparks. So, yeah, I’m done with them. Sad thing is, they seem to be the dominant type of catholics out there on the web.

And I’m working on a Benedictine Oblate post. Lot of stuff to sort through on it, and I’m trying to get it into something remotely interesting to read. (Unlike tonight’s mental dump.)


~ by Jen on January 11, 2008.

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