New silly poll up. Living by committee. I’m slightly biased towards ice blue. I’m not a fan of pink, but the metallic rose color isn’t bad, either. It’s not as vile as pink usually is. Got some money for christmas/birthday, and I’m considering spending it on a Nintendo DS lite. I have a regular DS, but its battery is going, the wifi is iffy, and it’s not bright enough to use during the day. (Which is primarily where I use a Nintendo DS: on a bus. Since I don’t drive, I take a lot of buses.) So it would make sense to upgrade to a DS lite, which has a brighter screen. (And is smaller.) I’ve done the research, and the Japanese unit isn’t an issue, since they aren’t region locked. Also all I need is a US power adapter.

I posed my question to my nieces, and I’ll see what they say, although I think Niece #1 will go for pink. Niece #2 may go either way. Nieces #3 and #4 aren’t verbal yet.

And speaking of buses, here’s a song (“Joe Metro”) from the local hip-hop duo, Blue Scholars about riding a bus. I recognize a lot of the places in the video (Pioneer Square, U District, International District.) The apartment he’s walking out of? That’s across the alley and across the street from Chez Garpu. He’s not really riding the 48 in the video, either. The 48 doesn’t run in that neighborhood and doesn’t use wires. He’s also walking along “The Ave,” which is near me and the University Bridge, which spans the shipping canal and leads into north Seattle.


~ by Jen on January 29, 2008.

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