An update about a recent poll…

You may wonder why I’m up this early on a Sunday morning, when I’m not serving. Good question! That would be because the cobalt Nintendo DS lite is released this morning, and I’m trying to be one of the first people in line when my local Gamestop opens. (The cobalt/black one is unique to North America, I believe. Only fair, since Japan and Asia get nifty colors. Europe’s kind of screwed in that regard, though. If Nintendo’s reading this, can’t they hook them up? I think they only have black and white.)

So, yeah. While I love the ice blue DS lite, I can’t really justify spending the extra money to import one. With the difference between the Christmas/birthday money I received and the price of the ice blue DS, I got myself an R4 Revolution card. This nifty little device with a micro SD card allows you to run all sorts of homebrew applications for the Nintendo DS. So far (on the same micro SD card), I have DSOrganize (how did I live without this?), drugwars, and A Touch of War. The DSOrganize is pretty nifty, and the browser is super-fast. (Mostly text-based, but also loads some images.)

They have a nethack port for the DS, but I haven’t gotten it working yet, and I was going to try to compile it from source, but I need to recompile gcc for ARM support. (And I’m feeling too lazy to do that. I think there’s something in the Catechism about not bootstrapping your compiler on a Sunday during Lent.)


~ by Jen on February 10, 2008.

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