Been out of the blogging loop. Here’s a quick recap of some things:

1.) Steve’s grandma’s not doing so well (cancer, congestive heart failure). Prayers would be appreciated, and it’s only a matter of time. That family’s been hit with a lot lately. They seem to be hanging in there.

2.) A boy and his DS. I’m not one for cute kid pics, but there are some damn cute kid pictures in that set. See the 3rd picture down? That’s an R4 cartridge he’s got in there. Kid’s playing some homebrew!

3.) Martian death flu. Think I coughed up something that could’ve been on Torchwood. Since then I’m feeling better.

4.) Paper hell. I still owe a paper for an incomplete, so I’m trying to crank that out. It’s on nuclear war films, nuclear video games, and the emotional depiction of war. I’m sort of responding to a conference panel I was on, where I was the lone non-war-game-paper on a panel of nothing but papers about war games. I’ll let you appreciate the irony of that, when I think Dorothy Day was a hoopy frood.


~ by Jen on March 7, 2008.

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