Grad students: we make procrastination into an artform.

Along with consumer culture holding back video games, I think the inability to see them as anything other than frivolous is hurting the genre. Case in point? This game. More on it from DS Fanboy here and here. The DS Fanboy links have some screenshots. (Nothing graphic, although moving.)

Now if it were anything else–a film or a book–nobody would balk. But because it’s a game–which is supposedly a child’s reaction to the horrors of the Holocaust–people freak out. And the game is still in development. All Nintendo really did is say “Huh, we don’t know anything about this.” Nintendo’s pretty close-mouthed about things in production, and there are more game publishers out there beyond Nintendo. (I have a feeling if the game does get released over here, some little house like Altus would pick it up, because they take risks on all kinds of games that nobody else will touch.)

I wonder if Luc Bernard needs beta testers…although if I get into its beta, then it *will* suck, because I seem to be completely unable to beta test a game that doesn’t righteously suck. One of these days I’m going to say “screw it” to the NDAs I’ve signed and blog about all the suck I’ve tested.


~ by Jen on March 11, 2008.

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