Caveat that I’m cranky from writing this paper and being sick, but when people say crap like, “I support women 100%, but I don’t want to see them as lectors/altar servers/cantors,” I want to scream. No, it means that they only want to see women in certain socially prescribed areas that correspond to their own (dare I say sexist?) view.

You know, I try to do my job as a server as reverently and prayerfully as possible (given the average amount of chaos that surrounds most liturgies). When people say (never to my face) about how I’m killing some vocation, I also want to scream. I think if I were to have children, I’d be strongly encouraging them to be servers, too. And if they had a vocation? I’d be the first to support them.


~ by Jen on March 13, 2008.

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