This post has been brought to you courtesy of jasmine tea and theraflu. Keeping Martian Death Flu at bay since 1984.

1.) Didn’t make it to Mass today. I’m doing better, but for some reason today around 4, I couldn’t stay awake, was all feverish, and my body got this message: “Broadcast message from root (pts/0) (Sun March 16 16:11:43 2008): The human is going down for system halt NOW!”

At first I was guilty about it, and how I’ve slacked off on the Divine Office since getting sick. But, you know, taking care of myself is a discipline, and right now I need sleep, tea, theraflu, and Doctor Who.

2.) Paper’s done. I just realized that the last so many games I’ve written about I’ve played in linux, either natively or with wine. I’m thinking about checking out cedega once I get some disposable income. Would be nice if I could deep six my windows partition. Unfortunately some of the notation software I use only runs in windows.

3.) Went to a hockey game the other day. Was fun, and I think I’d definitely go again. Bit Jerry Springer the way fights break out, though. (Was a Seattle-Portland game, so apparently there’s quite a bit of rivalry.) Probably shouldn’t have gone with the flu, but it was good to get out of the house. The players are all around 15-22 in this league, so they made me feel like a dirty old woman. Maybe if I can appreciate hockey, I can get into soccer?


~ by Jen on March 16, 2008.

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