Bunch of scattered thoughts this morning.

1.) On the Obama/race issue, I’ve been mostly silent. I’m trying to stay out of the political mess because I know come November I’m going to be pissed off at the whole process. (Especially if the Republicans are trying to force Catholics to vote for them again like they did in 2000.) The other issue is that as a white female, I have a certain kind of privilege, and it feels hypocritical to talk about race, when I’ve never had an issue with it. Gender bias, sure. But I can’t help but acknowledge that my skin tone has helped me. Now’s the time when I shut up and listen.

2.) (And I’m sure everyone knows to whom I’m referring…) Why do people think that just because they can post a comment that their opinion must be welcomed, when said opinion is hateful, offensive, and only designed to stir crap? I know trolls have always been with us, but lately it seems some are off their meds. (and here’s where I thank Jeff for his IP banning code.)

3.) Anyone know anything about making millefiori beads? Especially out of polymer clay? I found a recipe for rose petal beads that uses translucent sculpey and dried rose petals, which I thought looked better than the traditional barf-on-a-string, and then I learned that one can do some really nifty things with polymer clays. I’m always looking for interesting things to do for my rosary making habit. Part of my philosophy is that one doesn’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a rosary.

4.) Silly poll up about chocolate rabbit habits.


~ by Jen on March 19, 2008.

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