You can’t go home again…

So I opened up my CalArts email the other day, to find a notice from the alumni organization that the music department landed a grant that exceeds $125 million and will start a DMA program, although limited in scope. While I’m elated for them, it wasn’t helping my out-of-sort-ness as of late. (I get SAD…but it tends to hit when the days start getting longer.)

And then I find another blog post about how the music critic, Alan Rich, has been ousted from the LA Weekly. He’s a fixture. While I may not have always agreed with his writings, I can’t deny that he’d been on the LA music scene for longer than anyone. Having him in the audience, when a piece was being performed could either be a godsend or a curse, but you were guaranteed to get a review, not a bunch of platitudes. That’s not to say that he wasn’t opinionated against certain genres–minimalism and modernist composers, except for a select few. But you rarely find such brutal honesty–even if it hurts–in modern critics.

I was playing in a concert in which he booed the work. On the one hand, it really hurt. On the other…it was nice to have my opinions about the piece validated. (That having been said, it was the same night that I almost ripped a tendon in my arm, so my opinion of Robert Ashley’s music is biased.) If you want to read Rich’s review of that concert, it’s here.


~ by Jen on April 11, 2008.

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