Group hug^H^Hblog?

OK, so the issue was raised about some sort of group blog. I think it’s an interesting idea, so I’m opening up this post to discuss it.

1.) I think the weekly theme thing is a good idea. (Monthly?)

2.) Deadlines might be hard, when two of us are grad students.

3.) How do we keep content coming? Signups? We could get some sort of calendar set up with the google mail we’d need for it. If people volunteer to write something, then the grad students would be able to adjust for when our lives aren’t so busy.

4.) What about haloscan for comments? I personally like it, and one is able to ban according to a range or by specific IP. (Which is logged every time someone makes a comment.) There’s also Jeff’s IP blocking code, which I think is a necessity, given some of the bloggers out there.

5.) What about divisive subjects? I don’t think I’d mind seeing the occasional post on such things, but–as a big for instance–certain subjects seem to dominate the blogging world already (sex, NFP, abortion). If there could be an interesting take on the subjects, I wouldn’t mind it, but all too often, it becomes a rehash of something that we’ve all read before.

6.) What about non-Catholic bloggers? There are a number I’m thinking of, who might have really interesting things to say (Rev. Mommy, Sandalstraps, etc.)

7.) What would differentiate our blog from our personal blogs? The best blogs I’ve seen–especially group ones–are those that have some sort of theme.


~ by Jen on April 14, 2008.

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