I had to turn off the news tonight.

More stories about the Democrats making their party implode, the food crisis, the housing crisis, recession, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia, Zimbabwe. So then I decide to go get a burger and check my mail. (I have a PO box. Just makes sense with as much traveling as I do.)

Somehow I got on the mailing list for a bunch of conservative Catholic groups, some barely in communion with Rome and others I wish weren’t. (Sorry, folks, I’ve got a reboot of the ovarian operating system happening, and I’m a bit thin on charity today, for reasons that will become apparent.) Today’s junkmail offering was from the Human Life International group.

On the surface they seemed decent. But if you look in their mission statement, they’re Yet Another Catholic Group that doesn’t see any other social issue beyond the gonads. They’re against birth control and abortion, obviously, but also sex education. Come on, people. Quit giving people who think the RCC is only about the repression of sex any more ammunition. I was also invited to sign and send back the Humanae Vitae Pledge with my donation.

Now, I’m cranky at these people because I’m on the Pill, and there isn’t a month that doesn’t go by that I don’t thank my Maker for giving the people who developed it the knowledge to do so. It allows me to lead a normal life, otherwise I’d be laid up in bed for two weeks out of every month. Yes, I’ve discussed it with my doctor (a naturopath, by the way), and it’s the cheapest, safest, and easiest alternative. Now, this use of the Pill is allowed for under the encyclical Humanae Vitae. (Yes, I’ve read it. I totally agree with most of it.)

Yet you wouldn’t believe the people who suggest I should either “offer it up,” use natural alternatives, or just use NFP. Well, last I checked, NFP doesn’t do squat when the red army is on the march. Why are people so dismissive of women’s health? There are medicines that impact a man’s fertility and abilities (shall we say), yet I never hear them get the same kind of grief a woman gets for being on medication that affects her fertility.

I think all of this is really a big sign of a larger issue. Why are we dismissive of women? It seems like there is a part of the Church that still dismisses their gifts and abilities. (And so the Pope noted in this article at Whispers in the Loggia. It’s well-worth a read, and it’s what convinced me that Benedict wasn’t so bad, after all.) I’d like to posit that it’s political, at least in this country, an influence of the “Jesus Camp” types who’re rampant in the government.

I’d also like to posit that the “culture of death” isn’t so much about couples contracepting, but people looking for the easiest possible thing to latch onto. Being pro-life is messy. It asserts that the life of the homeless guy who defecated in your bushes is just as sacred as a cute baby, the person on Death Row, or the Iraqis we bombed last week.

Still working on the post about Torchwood, Doctor Who, and reconciliation. I’m kind of dragging my feet on it, since I want to see how season 4/30 plays out.


~ by Jen on May 2, 2008.

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