I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately. Did I wake up and wind up in bizzaro land this morning?

Item the first: Darwin in cahoots with the Nazis. (Did you just yell “GODWIN’S LAW, BEYOTCH?” I sure did.) I think one can be skeptical of a scientific theory–that’s what a theory is, after all, but I don’t get the certainty by which people push intelligent design. If it’s science, then it should be able to withstand the tests and rigors any scientific theory does, something ID supporters decry Darwin has never been subjected to. Since when was it a sign of being a Good Catholictm to reject science? I’m hearing this crop up more than I’d like–there was a dig against evolution in a homily this weekend. Since when did a Good Catholic have to be a Jesus Camp follower?

Item the second: vaccination. Did the Vatican come out and say that we shouldn’t vaccinate our children when I wasn’t looking? OK, I can see their point about chickenpox, flu, and hepatitis vaccines. I can even understand delaying them. But not vaccinating against polio, rubella, and the really horrible diseases that are almost always fatal? I have to wonder where peoples’ heads are at. Anti-vaccination people seem to be cropping up more on Catholic boards.

Item the third: Being gay is not a sin. The USCCB even say so, although the types who are squicked out by homosexuality would ignore the bishops. (Funny how both extremes in Catholicism pick and choose just as much as they claim the other side does?) Methinks they doth protest?

Item the fourth: Politics. Yeah, not going there. Funny how those who attack the Democrats never seem to remember how the Republicans are for torture. Like I said. Not going there. People like William and Liam have said what I’d want to say, anyway, but with less profanity.

Someone please tell me this is an American Catholic thing I’m noticing. Because if it’s the entire Church with these attitudes, then we’re screwed.

And so I don’t end on a downer, new NIN album out. This one’s on Reznor, too. It’s pretty good, although I absolutely fell in love with Ghosts I-IV. I hope more bands adopt this model of distribution, since it seems like it’s produced a surge in creativity for people like NIN. While Ghosts I-IV was more abstract, The Slip is more rock.


~ by Jen on May 6, 2008.

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