This is going to be another very rare political post from me. I need to get something out of my system. In short, a lot of Catholics on the internet are a bunch of freaks, and not in the good way.

And I quote the post verbatim, since i believe one has to register. My comments are in brackets.

…because of my well known political leanings, many might take this as a personal attack on Sen Obama. I mean no such personal attack. [Oh bullshit. The whole post is one big personal attack. See also my comment at the end, that it’s OK for “favorites” to post whatever they like.] I’m also not part of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy(tm) or the Republican Attack Machine(R). [But he admits to having “well known political leanings,” which are almost always right of center.]

As a military officer, I attempt to be as apolitical as humanly possible.[Which he most certainly isn’t on the forums.]

The reason I am posting this is because I found it might be a piece of the puzzle about who this man is (and if you believe the polls, already elected), and what he believes, and wanted some other opinions. What he believes in important, because Sen Obama makes decisions based in his worldview and mindset, and presumably his faith.[So? I have a Buddhist mala a friend gave to me that was blessed by a lama. It doesn’t mean that I’m suddenly Buddhist. It means that I have a friend, who knows I have an active prayer life and gave me a precious–to her–gift.]

Sen Obama has professed his Christian confession on multiple occasions, and I take him at his word…however, judging by his stance on the life issues and then little items like this…well, lets just say that I’m curious as to how a Christian might reconcile his/her faith with carrying a Hindu idol in his pocket (if not voting against the Born Alive Infant Act).[Yeah, and not every Christian believes what the Rosary Army holds to be gospel, thank God. And there could be a number of reasons why a politician would vote against that act, especially with the Bush administration’s fondness for sneaking in pork.]

NRIs back Obama, thanks to Hanuman

WASHINGTON: The support of the Indian Americans to presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama is steadily rising , thanks to his lucky charm Lord Hanuman, suggests a leading American daily.

REQUEST: please don’t flame Sen Obama. He’s a United States Senator, and his office deserves respect…[Unlike what the poster has shown.]I request you restrict any and all comments to the issue (mixing religious symbols), and how this particular thing might give a window into the worldview of the man, and not the man personally. [Gasp. I clutch at my pearls that a person would actually show some sort of religious tolerance.]

So…Harmless? Superstitious? [I call bullshit on the original poster.]

First off, the original poster is flatly endorsing a political candidate, and has been for a very long time. Secondly, having something doesn’t mean belief in it. But if the original poster could see past his bias long enough to actually google Hanuman, he’d find that Hanuman epitomizes the essence of love and devotion. Yeah, that’s a bad quality for a candidate to have. Third, I’m sure it was given to him by someone who sincerely believed he/she was doing something good by giving him that charm. I don’t believe in the Hindu pantheon, but it’s no different, were I to give a Hindu friend a rosary. (I’ve made rosaries out of Buddhist malas–a bunch were being sold in a bead store, and it felt wrong that objects once used for prayer would be sold as overpriced baubles. So I bought as many as I could to make rosaries out of, so they’d still be used for prayer.)

OK, we get it. The poster on the forum won’t vote for Obama because of his voting record. Fair enough, and I can respect that reason. But to bring a good luck charm into it? Like Catholics don’t do the same with various saints medals, miraculous medals, and scapulars? Come on and give me a flipping break. The whole thing reeks of a petty attack.

I wonder if part of the reason why people (read: some white, right-wing males) are so threatened by Obama as a candidate is because they’re afraid to give up the white male privilege they’ve enjoyed for so long. I’d post all of this there, but I’m sure it would disappear, since the person making the post is one of the “favorites.” Such people can do no wrong, and anyone who dares question them get censored.


~ by Jen on July 3, 2008.

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