Here’s hoping the criminal masterminds nieces don’t read my blog…

So the two oldest are getting to an age where I thought something more adult would be cool to have. So I’m knitting them something lacy, namely scarves. This one is for Niece #2, who’s a bit of a tomboy and likes greens/blues/turquoises:


Specifically it’s the seascape wrap from knitty in a handpainted tencel laceweight yarn from Yarntopia Treasures. My stitch markers are from Office Max. (Don’t laugh, they work great, and if I lose them, five bucks later, I’ve got 500 more.) I’m really loving the tencel yarn. I don’t think it’s going to need as much blocking as the silk or alpaca/merino lace yarns. (Which is good for the niece units, since I don’t think they really want to take the time to pin out their things after washing them.) It’s also great to work with in the summer, while another thing I’ve got going in baby alpaca wool is HOT. You wouldn’t think yarn the thickness of fine crochet thread would be warm, but it is…


~ by Jen on July 15, 2008.

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