The Hoopy Frood and I have discovered that a better pre-Cana or Engaged Encounter marriage preparation program would entail locking the engaged couple in an apartment building with bedbugs. If they survive a week, they can get married. I’m thinking it would either be a good marriage prep program or new reality TV show. Or both. Pre-Cana is expensive as hell to the broke ass grad student types, and a little corporate sponsorship would go a long way.

That’s one of the big reasons I’ve been so scarce lately. We’re cleaning the everliving hell out of my place. *sigh* Neither of us have gotten bitten yet, but we’re not taking any chances, either. Landlord knows and is on top of it. Past few weeks have been a nightmare, though.

Edit: They’re taking care of bugs Monday. I will say something for my landlord/manager: they take care of catastrophes.


~ by Jen on August 8, 2008.

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