Yah, we’ll take him.

So I’m still too wiped out to come up with something huge, and my brain isn’t working well in the heat. But I found this take on Batman’s religion. Interesting, if you’re into obsessive analysis of fanwank. Their support is kind of weak, IMO, but it’s something fun to read in air conditioning. And, hell, I’ll always take cool Catholic characters. (Although considering the status of the Wayne family, I’d be more inclined to think they were Episcopalian.)

The Hoopy Frood and I saw “Dark Knight” last week and “Batman Begins” yesterday. I didn’t expect to actually like “Dark Knight” at all, especially not after seeing it twice. (Once by myself when it came out and once with the Frood.) I’m really not a huge fan of superhero movies, namely because they always portray the superhero’s love interest as this weeping princess to be rescued. (Why I hated the Spiderman movie with a passion.) I did like the fact that the token love interest (Rachael) was able to take care of herself in both movies.


~ by Jen on August 15, 2008.

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