So this morning the video of Sarah Palin giving an interview with a man slaughtering turkeys in the background made its way through my blog feeds and friend’s list. The whole fascination with Joe Six Pack makes me wonder a few things.

1.) When did we stop thinking critically about what people say? Seriously. A lot of people I know just trusted Palin without really thinking about what she was saying or the implications thereof.

2.) When did that kind of everyman appeal become a replacement for moral inscrutability? While the whole Troopergate thing was in the news, it seemed as if it didn’t really matter. Either the GOP pulled off the greatest snow-job in the country’s history, or people are just sheep.

Then I come across a new blog/website by the people who do Rosary Army by accident. Now in my great internet fast of a month ago, I realized a few things. One, I fill my life with a lot of noise, especially the kind of noise that vehemently disagrees with me and sees my life as morally repugnant. I’m not going to convince those types that I’m just as faithful a Catholic as they am. They don’t want to be reminded that the Church is about diversity. But I need to get something off my chest.

Anyway, back to the site. On the surface, it’s not something to draw attention to. There are the requisite pictures of family and friends. They go to great pains to portray themselves as normal. And they may very well be. I don’t know them personally. But then you get to a “joke” page on their site.

Isn’t this the same division they’re accusing the rest of us of? It’s Yet Another instance of the kind of us-vs-them fundamentalist rhetoric that got us into the war in Iraq, not to mention the underlying cause of division in the Church. I’m sick to death of people in the pews trumping themselves up on how good they are and how the rest of us–some of which who faithfully and prayerfully wrestle with some of the cultural aspects of the Church–are just “Catholics in name only” or “Cafeteria Catholics.” I think I have a good sense of humor, but I fail to see it in Loophole Cereal.

Go to any blog lately that bills itself as the least bit Catholic, and you’ll find screed after screed about why the other person shouldn’t receive the Eucharist. There’s all sorts of speculation about the state of anyone else’s soul but their own, even if it’s the thinly-veiled “satire” of Loophole Cereal.

I got news for them: there’s plenty of room at the steam table for everyone, as a friend of mine says, and they pick and choose just as much as the rest of us.


~ by Jen on November 21, 2008.

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