You know, when conservatives start going off on feminism and how Mary (specifically Our Lady of Guadalupe) wasn’t a feminist, I wonder who the heck they’re talking about.

She was pregnant and not married in a time when that was a death sentence at the hands of men. She’s the first contemplative, when she chose the better part of pondering everything in her heart. (It used to be that Trappists–men and women–would take her name at their professions.) She got Jesus off his ass at Cana, when women just didn’t talk to men like that. She was there at the crucifixion and then in the upper room. Sounds like a wonderfully empowered woman, to me. She also has a habit of appearing to children and peasants, not exactly bourgeoisie.

And I just learned that she’s got her own book in the Qu’ran. This is pretty cool. I think it would be fun to get a Muslim’s opinion on Luke.

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~ by Jen on December 9, 2008.

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