The big elephant in the parish hall

So Obama is going to give the commencement address at Notre Dame. I wonder what percentage of sites like that and the protest around it are actually fueled by unspoken racism of the scary black man over his policies on anything. I don’t see Joe Biden getting the same level of hysteria.

Maybe it’s my perspective post-civil rights movement, but I don’t see the average parish as an overly inclusive place. LA and TX are bit better in some respects, but there’s an awful lot of segregation between English and Spanish-speaking Masses. On some feast days at my parish in LA, they’d do a mix of both, which worked really well. But there would be those in the pews who’d bitch about “them” not going to “their” Mass. I think our parish doesn’t have Spanish-language Masses, because there just isn’t much call for them in North Seattle. Now is kind of a strange time after Fr. Tom’s death, but we’ve always had at least one priest, who’s fluent in Spanish.

can’t speak for everyone’s parish, but aside from one or two families, there just aren’t that many PoC at my parish.

I could understand not liking Obama’s policies and engendering some sort of discussion on those issues. That’s a totally valid disagreement. But a lot of the anti-Obama rhetoric is getting rather personal, which isn’t a valid critique of the guy. It’s hinting at the big elephant in the middle of the room, which is that the average US Catholic parish isn’t overly diverse and has never had to grapple with issues of race like other denominations. (Or so I’m going out on a limb to say.)

don’t believe me? how many PoC do you see on EWTN, for instance, on their ‘prime time’ lineup? how about at EWTN’s Masses?

Sorry for the crosspost between blogs, but I think this is an important issue that isn’t being discussed.


~ by Jen on March 21, 2009.

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