On trying to be a good ally

First, a video I saw on Kurt Sutter’s blog:

I think it’s instructive to watch, especially in light of yesterday being National Coming Out Day. So many people I read yesterday posted something along the lines of coming out because they like members of the opposite sex. This is not being supportive. This is not being a good ally. It’s being a douche. Why, you ask? because of privilege. You’re taking the voice of someone marginalized in our society, whose voice might not be heard. Congrats!

See, privilege is an insidious thing because while you have it, you don’t know it’s there. I can hit on a guy in a bar and not worry about being killed for it. I can tell my parents I like men, and not be kicked out of the house, shunned, or otherwise expelled from whatever support structure they offer. I’m free to marry the person I love with all the legal protections that come from it. And I’m certainly not going to be shunned or expelled from my denomination, should it become known that I’m attracted to men.

Don’t believe me that it’s happening in the Catholic Church? Go read this article. Go ahead. I’ll sit here and wait.

Here’s one thing you should take away from that article: twelve of Corcoran’s parishioners went to the bishop. They didn’t go to the parish priest, who could’ve diffused the situation. They went straight to the head of the diocese. Also, they went to the bishop with nothing more than rumor. Even if they had conclusive proof, what those twelve parishioners did was nothing more than a witch hunt.

If you can stomach to read further in, it’s mentioned that being an altar server isn’t a right, but a privilege. I’d agree with that, but I’d also like to point out the sentence where the one parishioner quoted says that gays and lesbians aren’t supposed to be involved in the liturgy. I wonder if the person who said that realizes that we’ve got at least two thousand years’ worth of Church history behind us. I’m willing to bet good money that a not insignificant amount of popes, priests, religious, saints, and martyrs have been gay/lesbian. And that’s not counting all the countless people not recorded who lived and died for our faith.

You know how in the video Wise discusses how the white people in the district next to the 9th Ward blamed everything on those who lived in the 9th Ward? That’s happening in the RCC right now. Look at what fingers get pointed where. Who got blamed for the sexual abuse crisis? I’ll give you a hint: it’s not the same group of people described in the research done by independent groups about pedophilia. Instead of whiteness, you’ve got sexual orientation being thrown around.

Divide and conquer. We don’t need other groups imposing it on us. We’re doing it just fine on our own.


~ by Jen on October 12, 2009.

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